At bObles we strive to do business in a more enlightened way. We wish to take responsibility for our impact on society and the environment.

Our furniture is designed in Denmark and manufactured in the Far East. We have a high standard within bObles and when it comes to our manufactures we do not intend to lower it. Therefore, we work with manufactures that comply to our way of thinking in regards to human rights, child labor, regular labor laws, environment and anti-corruption. As we are a small company we cannot and will not spend all our time visiting our manufactures. Our partnership is built on trust and respect; furthermore we use purchasing agents who are in continuous dialogue with the manufactures and who function as the guarantor for upholding our expectations to the manufactures.

We aim to visit the factories at least once a year to make sure that production is running according to what has been agreed.

We seek to design products with a long lifespan the can be passed on through the family not only because we strive to create quality products but also because reusing our products are better for the environment.

All bObles products are free of any toxins or phthalates and comply with the strictest European standard (EN 71), which specifies safety requirements for toys.

Doing business in a more enlightened way is also about creating awareness on topics – on both local and global level – that need public attention. Therefore, every year we work together with various NGO’s on projects that create awareness on issues concerning children. It can be anything from local projects regarding child safety in everyday life to global projects like fighting transmission of HIV to unborn children.

We have strong beliefs when it comes to how to do business in a more enlightened way and we believe that our company must strive to be a positive influence on both a local and a global level. Therefore, as bObles grows so does our positive impact on society and the environment.